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Two Oceans Aquarium, Where Mike managed the construction and installation from the clients perspective (TOA). He also designed the Life Support Systems (LSS) for the exhibit, with his aquarium team doing the installation of all the LSS

In Short

Sunfish Consulting is your one stop shop for: Concept Design, Exhibit Design, Life Support System Design, Life Support System & Acrylics installation, Life Support System Commissioning, Life Support System problem identification and solving, System efficiency improvement, Energy consumption reduction, Project Management, Staff Training, Compilation of Husbandry & Operations & Emergency procedures/Manuals. We are also masters of interpretative signage and interactive exhibit design, ensuring that your message always hits the mark.

We are a dedicated husband and wife team that love working with people and animals. We'd like to work with you to achieve your goal of engaging your visitors with an immersive experience.

With Oceanography and Marine Biology majors we have more than 30 years of aquarium specific experience, but have over the last 8 years also included dry exhibit design with a focus on interactivity to stimulate the young minds whether your guests are 5 or 70 years young, we cater for all your needs.

Sunfish Consulting

Aquarium, Aquaculture/Aquaponics and 
Interpretive design 

Cape Town, South Africa 



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