Sunfish Consulting was born in September 2009 on Mike & Heidi's return to South Africa from their Dubai Aquarium opening where they formed part of the team that managed the construction of the aquarium and start-up including commissioning of all of the equipment and husbandry ops procedures.

Mike and Heidi had already been in the aquarium industry for many years and gained experience in all aspects of aquariums including initial construction, commissioning, animals sourcing, Standard operational prcedures development. (for both husbandry and technical aspects of an aquarium), Staff training, staff management and budgetary process and development.

Mike has been part of the senior management team of three different aquariums and Heidi's specialities in the husbandry, quarantine and Interpretation enables this team to provide services in any aspect of aquarium design, construction and operations.



Managing Director

Mike de Maine

Managing Director

Mike de Maine


Creative & Education Director

Heidi de Maine